Token Details - $CPUNCH

$CPUNCH Token Contract Address : 0x562EEb7eE32e773D8949B1975F9e1297207211Fe

Token Details

Token Name: CryptoPunch

Token symbol: CPUNCH

Total Supply: 100,000,000 CPUNCH

Contract Address: 0x562EEb7eE32e773D8949B1975F9e1297207211Fe

CPUNCH will be used in Punchverse to

Purchase/Upgrade NFT Champions, skills and Recovery centers.

Improve the Champions’ power with Rarity fusion or PowerUp fusion.

Get the fighter license to be able to participate in matches.

Wager in player versus player game modes.

Access to the Gym to get new skills.

Gain access to events and tournaments.

Trade NFT Champions and Skills.

Players will be able to participate in key governance votes.

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