Setup Metamask
Check this guide to learn how to sing up for a digital wallet to be able to make transactions in the BNB Smart Chain Network (Blockchain).

Install Metamask

Step 1: Go to and install the desired version.
Step 2: Enter your password.
Step 3: Never disclose your Secret Recovery Phrase. Keep it safe with you!
Step 4: If all steps were done correctly, you will see the main metamask screen.

Setup BNB Smart Chain Network

Step 1: Click on the upper right corner (on the account avatar) and select the Settings option.
Step 2: Select the NETWORKS option.
Step 3: Select the "ADD NETWORK" option in the bottom corner of the metamask.
Step 4: Fill in all fields to add Binance Smart Chain network.
Please fill as follows:
Go to Binance RPC page to get an RPC URL.
Block Explorer
Network Name
BNB Smart Chain
Done, you are now in BNB Smart Chain network right now.
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